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CAST Imaging – The MRI for Software

Accelerate application modernization. Derisk migration to Cloud.

Automatically scan software systems built with any mix of 3GL, 4GL, Mobile, Web, Middleware, Framework, Database, Mainframe technologies. Consistently create architecture blueprints with MRI-like precision, accuracy and ease of use.


Manuel Barbero

Manuel Barbero
Chief Architect
Northwestern Mutual

Cutting Through the Clutter

A Practical Guide to Faster Modernization

Manuel Barbero presents an enhanced approach for breaking down monolithic applications, which speeds up legacy modernization by automating the extraction of software system structures and intra-application dependencies.


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CAST Imaging scans and “understands” automatically any complex software system.

  • Reverse engineers ‘as is’ architecture automatically
  • Visualizes all dependencies via easy-to-navigate blueprints
  • Zooms from overall architecture layers down to finest detail
  • Enables impact analysis and To-Be architecture exploration
  • 10x faster discovery for freshers
  • 2x productivity for lead architects
  • 1000% faster and safer modernization or cloud migration
How it works


See how it works in this 1 min video

CAST has revolutionized the ability to see deep inside complex software systems

Technology inter-dependencies

Scans and understands inter-dependencies across 50+ 3GL, 4GL, mobile, web, middleware, framework, database, and mainframe technologies.

Technology inter-dependencies

Blueprint generation

Visualizes software system architectures and inter-dependencies between layers, components and databases via easy-to-navigate blueprints.

Blueprint generation

Transactions composition

Discovers end-to-end transaction flows, continuously from user entry to data access.

Transactions composition

Source level drill-downs

Moves from top level view all the way down to source code, drastically reducing the time to learn, analyze, and change complex software systems.

Source level drill-downs

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