CAST Highlight: Quickly find out if you are building Azure Ready apps

Quickly find out if you are building Azure Ready apps


Spot and Fix Roadblocks that slow down a move to Azure


Identify Boosters & best candidate apps


Track progress & monitor your cloud journey


Prioritize Cloud candidates based on Technical & Business Impact

Highlight Dashboard

CAST Highlight uses predictive patterns analysis developed by scanning thousands of applications and billions of lines of code. By looking at the frequency of issues and potential impacts found in source code, you can review if an app is ready to move to the cloud.

Cloud Readiness is a composite index that takes into account key factors like:

  • Blockers or code patterns in applications that slow down migration,
  • Boosters or applications that are best candidates
  • Business drivers, technical enablers and process maturity contributing to your Cloud Readiness

Effortless On-boarding

Thanks to a distributed workflow, adding a new application in Highlight takes minutes only:  scan code locally, answer a short web-based survey, your application is instantly available in Highlight.


Local Code Scan

We care about data privacy. At any moment, your source code doesn’t leave your infrastructure. Scan your application locally with our Highlight Agent, then upload metrics. See how it works


Scan 35+ Technologies

Highlight scans major technologies. 35+ programming languages are supported: Java, Javascript, Python, JSP, COBOL, SAP/Abap, C/C++, C#, PHP, Visual Basic, T-SQL, PL/SQL, Shell…


Custom Indicators

Create your own indicators and consolidate new analytics based on answered surveys – perfect for use cases like containerization readiness, customer satisfaction, Agile efficiency, etc.


Application Tags

create and attach tags to an application or a set of applications in bulk. For instance, you can now combine metrics to identify the best candidates for IaaS or PaaS and activate these tags as filters on all dashboards.


Flexible Keyword Scanner

Configure your own patterns to search specific content or combination of content during your code scan that meet your search criteria. This feature is especially useful in GDPR, security or copyright contexts.


CI/CD Ready

Highlight integrates within CI/CD pipelines through a configurable command line, in order to get fresh analytics after each sprint or release, or even nightly build? It only takes minutes! See how



Integrate Highlight metrics into your favorite tools using our public API. Key metrics can be extracted from the platform to be integrated wherever it will make sense for your organization, using our public REST API.


Azure DevOps Extensions

Do you want to continuously scan source code and track Highlight analytics on your Azure DevOps projects? Download our turnkey extensions from the Visual Studio Marketplace  and enjoy a continuous monitoring of projects.



Exclusive offer for Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Customers Assess Azure Cloud Readiness for up to 5 Apps

Here’s an example of what you could achieve and show your management
if you decide to subscribe and utilize this offer.

Click here to download sample assessment reportClick here to download sample assessment report