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CAST IQ Session

Software Intelligence for
Application Portfolio Analysis



When advising clients on Digital transformation, software risk mitigation or cloud migration of applications, there is a need to have 360-degree view of the application portfolio. This capability can be a game changer in the portfolio management when dealing with your customers.

Application portfolios require many decisions to be made. However, IT leaders rarely have up-to-date insight into important data points such as application sizes, risk exposure, cloud readiness and so on. Nor can they relate these to important business factors such as application criticality, team size technologies or development methods used.

In this session on CAST Highlight you will learn how this platform can help in:

Accelerating IT due diligence via
Rapid Portfolio Analysis on applications


Assessing and accelerating
Cloud Readiness of applications

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Rahul Ganesh

Rahul Ganesh - Director, Solution Design, CAST Software

15+ years of experience in IT especially on solution architecture, design, and development of enterprise solutions with GSI background. Rahul leads solution design for channel partners at CAST. He enables organizations for digital transformation via prescriptive software intelligence using CAST solutions for cloud migration, Open source risk, application modernization, structural health and complexity.