IT Health Check: 5 Insights


Inside this e-book, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage standard units of measure to rate the IT Portfolio
  • Mitigate risks while improving the business value
  • Identify complexity to control Technical Debt

This document outlines a new approach to fact-based analysis and identifies the top 5 critical insights to keep in mind when developing an application health baseline.

As every doctor will tell you, it’s critical to get a check-up once a year – and it’s no different with your application portfolio. Over the year you’ve added new applications, moved resources around, and started new projects. It’s easy to lose track of those changes if you don’t have an objective view of the costs, risks and effort hiding inside your portfolio.

(Preview) What’s inside the e-book?

Some of Our Clients:


“For over a year, the IT department of GRDF has relied on CAST Highlight to assess the health of its application portfolio. It has become an essential solution for teams involved in business transformation and innovation for their customers.”
-Pascale Bernal, CIO at GRDF

“CAST Highlight helped us to relook at the factors that were really important for our business from the business functionality perspective. This also helped us to relook and revisit our portfolios at a regular basis and make business decisions, in terms of where to invest time and effort.”
-Fredric Veron, SVP at Fannie Mae