In an era where software is becoming increasingly important, it is vital to minimize the risks (especially in the field of security) in the application portfolio. However, the applications within most portfolios, have been building technical debt for years, resulting in high costs and a high percentage of budget that must be spent on software management.

Software Intelligence provides valuable analytics for IT leaders at any stage of digital transformation. Whether the objective is to improve operational agility, build secure applications, identify Open Source risks, deliver better functionality at speed, take advantage of modern technology and architectures, or attract new talent, Software Intelligence can illuminate areas that require the most focus.

During this breakfast session brought to you by Deloitte and CAST Software, we will explore these topics. When all of this comes together, it will allow digital leaders to get rapid, unprecedented visibility over their software to make more informed, fact-based decisions. These decisions will help to reduce costs, detect security threats and ensure the safety and soundness of complex systems and software products that run your digital business.


8.00 am
Welcome and Registration
8.15 am
8.30 am
Translating Software Measurement into Business Value by Mira Sallamo, Director leading European Institutions Digital Initiatives | Deloitte Belgium
9.00 am
Software Intelligence to drive your IT Modernization by Christophe Falisse, Technical Manager & Solution Designer for North Europe | CAST
9.30 am
CISQ & IT Risk Management: Minimizing Risk in IT Acquisition by Paul Camille Bentz, CISQ
10.00 am
In code we trust: IT modernization Journey of the French Ministry of Justice by Jean-Christophe Toffaloni, Director of Coding Quality & Compliance | French Ministry of Justice


Mira Sallamo
Mira Sallamo
Director leading European institutions digital initiatives | Deloitte Belgium

Mira, originating from Finland, has more than 20 years of professional experience in national and European public and private sector organisations. Throughout her career, the guiding line has been European Union and Technology.

She is helping EU institutions in challenges related to IT quality assurance, methodologies, process improvements, Interoperability and IT organization and governance.

Mira combines technical background with leadership and business skills, offering a comprehensive approach for public sector relationship management.

Christophe Falisse
Christophe Falisse
Technical Manager & Solution Designer for North Europe | CAST Software

Christophe, originating from Belgium, has more than 25 years of professional experience in various IT domains, from system management & operations to application measurements & risks mitigation, through consulting, advisory & expertise. Throughout his career, the guiding line has been providing smart analytics for those who own applications and must manage ADM teams.

In a context of always more complex IT systems, he’s helping large organizations, specifically in public and finance sectors, in facing modernization challenges by mastering business critical software risks, while proactively managing agile and DevOps teams efficiency. His preferred tagline: “It’s not enough to do your best; you must know what to do and then do your best!”

Paul Camille Bentz
Paul Camille Bentz
Director of Government and Industry Programs | Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ)

Paul has been running large international IT organizations for more than 30 years, essentially multicultural environments and financial institutions. I have worked 20 years in Paribas, the investment Bank, being Group CIO when it merged with BNP. In 2000 to become BNP Paribas. He then moved to Allianz, the Insurance giant, as Regional CIO to rationalize the merge of three companies and build a strategy in line with the Group guidelines. He was a member of the Group IT Committee. Paul retired in 2007 at the age of 61 to run his own consulting company. I have moved to a new position of Director of Government and Industry Programs for the Consortium for IT Software Quality in Europe to promote the standards of CISQ with regulators and governing bodies in various industries, Finance and Healthcare in priority. Paul graduated from the ENSAM and the ENSPM in France, is married with 3 children and six granddaughters.

Jean-Christophe Toffaloni
Jean-Christophe Toffaloni
Director of Coding Quality & Compliance | French Ministry of Justice

 Jean-Christophe, working in France, has more than 25 years of professional experience in French public organisations. Managing development teams, providing methodology courses, database consulting in transversal offices are the perfect background for working on software quality measurement.

Jean-Christophe mix his large knowledge of code analysis processes and tools, with the importance of communication and the reality of public services contracts, to help managers and technical teams.

In the last 8 years he shared this experience with French ministries and private companies.



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