About this Event:

The IT Symposium is Gartner’s annual marquee event, held in nine major cities worldwide. We are honoured and excited to be a participating exhibitor and hosting a VIP lunch session this year. Thousands of CIOs and IT executives will come together to discuss key topics related to technology & information, leadership and business strategy. They attend this symposium to grow revenue, drive customer experience, and lead digital innovation.


CAST Perspective:

CAST technology generates a holistic understanding of software systems by analysing software’s inner structure, architecture and composition. The resulting ‘Software Intelligence’ helps digital leaders make fact-based decisions, visualize architectures, detect security threats and ensure the safety and soundness of business applications and software products. We would be glad to showcase how global technology leaders can protect their business, Be Digital Ready & accelerate time to market with the help of Software Intelligence. To get Full and accurate visibility into systems to ACCELERATE and DE-RISK Digital transformation and modernization, we have a 3-step process:

  • ASSESS application portfolio current state with CAST Highlight: A 30,000-foot view that provides objective insights on cloud readiness, software health, and open source compliance risk along with business context.
  • DEEP DIVE into critical application architectures with CAST Imaging: Reverse-engineer database structures and end-to-end transactions across legacy and modern technologies and frameworks for an easy-to-navigate visual blueprint of the most critical and complex systems.
  • TRACK re-architecture with CAST AIP: Monitor standardized software resiliency, security, efficiency and maintainability measures and spot hidden dangerous patterns being built all along the journey.

VIP Networking Lunch Session

Date: Thursday, 14 November 2019
Time: 12:00 PM - 01:15 PM
Venue: TBD

This new digital era requires companies to innovate and change – all while keeping a focus on time to market and customer experience. This continuous improvement approach demands faster & smarter decisions, which unfortunately remain driven by unscientific & biased metrics. Opinions and gut feelings cannot guide and inform these complex, in-depth Digital transformations – if they are going to succeed. Software Intelligence facilitates fact-based conversations with the business demonstrating where IT brings value and faces challenges, Significance of 6 R’s (Retire, Rehost, Replace, Rewrite, Renew, Replatform) of Digital Transformation & Pre and Post transformation KPI measurement. Join us & Software Intelligence Luminaries & Share expertise on leveraging Software Intelligence in your Digital Transformation journey.


Session Will be Hosted by:


Ernie HuCAST Software

Ernie Hu - Chief Operating Officer, CAST

Ernie grew up in the US, holding degrees in commerce and business administration from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and joined IBM in 1994 in Hong Kong. During his career at IBM, he held a number of sales, marketing and brand management positions at both IBM's Greater China and Growth Markets Units within Software Group, where he led IBM’s Information Management portfolio of Data Management, Content Management and Business Analytics including the Asia Pacific sales integration of acquisitions with SPSS, Princeton, Softech and a few others. His last two positions were head of IBM Software for Greater China, and then GM Greater China for the IBM Cloud business.

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