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Interested in closer look at Software Intelligence?

Identification of candidates for decoupling and refactoring for faster transformation and rearchitecture.

Applications Modernization

Baseline & rationalize your application portfolio by rapidly assessing health, complexity, and business impact in CAST Highlight.​

Application Portfolio Analysis

Benchmarking that helps digital leaders compare their application health and delivery performance against industry peers.

Benchmark My Apps

MRI-like visibility into the most complex software systems.

Blueprints of Complex Systems

Accelerate application modernization by building the smartest application cloud migration roadmap with CAST Highlight.​

Cloud Readiness of My Apps

Insight for digital leaders to protect their business, make better IT investments, communicate with stakeholders, and drive team performance.

Data-driven IT Management

Intelligence to help design security in, bulletproof releases and safeguard sensitive data.

Design Security In

Architecture insights, transaction flows, API & Data Call graphs of applications for faster understanding of complex systems.

Development Teams Efficiency

Intelligence for delivery teams and engineers to identify software monsters before they cause outages, security breaches, or corrupt data.

Fix Software Flaws

Take control of third-party components and open source software to mitigate license & security risks with CAST Highlight.

Software Composition Analysis

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