As a result of the Digital Transformation, we have reached an era where software has become dominant for organizations in many ways. This clearly reflects in the organisational risk profile. In situations where a single incident can lead to a company's bankruptcy within mere weeks, it is vital for senior leadership to understand and minimize risks in the application portfolio, in particular those related to security. The applications within most portfolios, however, have been accumulating technical debt for years, sometimes even decades, resulting in high costs of change and a large fraction of the budget that must be spent on software management.

To be in control of the digital world, Software Intelligence has established itself as a necessary category of management information. But how do you organise for being in control of digital risks? Once available, how should this Software Intelligence be part of senior leadership's decision making process? What kind of insights can be gained with a rapid portfolio analysis?

During this seminar, brought to you by Omnium Improvement and CAST Software, in collaboration with Black Swan Institute, we will explore these topics. When all of this comes together, it will allow digital leaders to get rapid, unprecedented visibility over their software to make more informed, fact-based decisions. These decisions will help to reduce costs, detect security threats and ensure the safety and soundness of complex systems and software products that run your digital business.


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Introduction by Anders Fausbøll, CEO Omnium Improvement
A Maturity Model for Ensuring Management Information in the Digital era by Mark Hissink Muller, Principal Consultant at Omnium Improvement
Digital Risk Management in the Boardroom by Anders Find, Risk Management Advisor at Black Swan Institute
Software Intelligence to drive your IT Modernization by Jean- Patrick Ascenci, Senior Portfolio Specialist at CAST Highlight
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Mark Hissink Muller
Mark Hissink Muller
Principal Consultant at Omnium Improvement

Mark works for Omnium Improvement as Principal Consultant and as Director of the Software Intelligence practice. Mark brings over a decade of experience analysing large enterprise information systems in both fast-action as well as politically sensitive environments. Mark has analysed hundreds of software systems in advised on their cost, risk and quality perspective to management. He holds a MSc in Systems Engineering and Policy Analysis from Delft University of Technology.

Anders Find
Anders Find
Risk Management Advisor at Black Swan Institute

Advisor in the area of project, programme and portfolio and risk management. Experienced within public sector digitization. Co-founding Black Swan Institute focusing on strategic risk management and risk leadership. Part of the danish IPMA certification organization. Experienced educator within project management. Fundraiser at The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society and coastal hiker and walk'n'talk facilitator at

Jean-Patrick Ascenci
Jean-Patrick Ascenci
Senior Solutions Specialist at CAST Highlight

For more than a decade, JP has assisted more than 100 organizations with Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Application Portfolio Management (APM) across the globe and industries. JP provides strategic and adaptable approaches to consistently deliver value and achieve organizational objectives. For the last five years, JP has been focusing on the development of integrated solutions in EA, APM and PPM (Project Portfolio Management) to create rapid, tangible and durable business value. He holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering from ESIEA and an MBA in Strategic Planning from ESC Montpellier.



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