In an era where software is becoming increasingly important, and a single incident can lead to a company going bankrupt within 10 days, it is vital to minimize the risks (especially in the field of security) in the application portfolio. The applications within most portfolios, however, have been building technical debt for years, sometimes even decades, resulting in high costs and a high percentage of budget that must be spent on software management. During this seminar by CAST and METRI, we will explore how digital leaders can get an unprecedented visibility over their Software to make more informed decisions, reduce costs, detect security threats and ensure the safety and soundness of complex systems and software products.


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Introduction by Arjan Wichman, Director Business Development at METRI
Drivers and challenges of IT Modernization: a CIO journey by Paul Thysens, ex-CIO at BNP Paribas Fortis
Software Intelligence to drive your IT Modernization by Jean- Patrick Ascenci, Senior Portfolio Specialist at CAST Highlight
Security and Privacy by Design to Reduce Business Impact & Costs by George Ataya, Managing Partner at ICT Control & Professor and Academic Director in IT Management Education at the Solvay Business School of Economics
The use of Software Intelligence Keep a Grip on Agile teams by Harold van Heeringen, Senior Consultant at METRI
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Jean-Patrick Ascenci
Jean-Patrick Ascenci
Senior Solutions Specialist at CAST Highlight

For more than a decade, JP has assisted more than 100 organizations with Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Application Portfolio Management (APM) across the globe and industries. JP provides strategic and adaptable approaches to consistently deliver value and achieve organizational objectives. For the last five years, JP has been focusing on the development of integrated solutions in EA, APM and PPM (Project Portfolio Management) to create rapid, tangible and durable business value. He holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering from ESIEA and an MBA in Strategic Planning from ESC Montpellier.

Harold van Heeringen
Harold van Heeringen
Senior Consultant at METRI

Drs. Harold van Heeringen, works for METRI as a senior consultant benchmarking, mainly in the application domain. Harold is specialized in Supplier Performance Measurement processes, and in benchmarking software development teams and Maintenance & Support contracts. In addition, he develops market price models for suppliers which are used to challenge internal price calculations and to win new contracts.

Georges Ataya
Georges Ataya
Managing Partner at ICT Control & Professor and Academic Director in IT Management Education at the Solvay Business School of Economics

Academic Director of IT Management Education, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. Georges Ataya is managing partner with ICT Control NV/SA, a Brussels-based firm involved with consulting and management advisory. Clients include various organisations in the public and private sector relying on ICT Control Advisors to assist them in creating benefits, avoiding risks and improving the governance of information technology.Georges is also Academic Director of IT Management Education at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. Since 2006, he is professor at the Master in Management delivering Entrerprise Consulting workshop and from 2011 is in charge of IT Governance.Previously, amongst other positions, Georges acted as President of the Belux/Belgium Chapter at ISACA from 2003 to 2006, later became International Vice President of ISACA from 2006 to 2010, and finally worked as Chair of the External Relations Committee from 2010 to 2012.

Paul Thysens
Paul Thysens
Ex-CIO BNP Paribas Fortis

Experienced quadrilingual IT Executive with a demonstrated history of working in large financial institutions in different countries with leadership positions held at Management committee level in Belgium and in Italy. Skilled in Banking, Strategic Planning, IT Strategy, impact of Digitalisation on organisations, Managing transformation of large entities , alignment of Business and IT. Strong community and social services professional graduated from CEDEP - Executive Development – Fontainebleau.



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