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Introducing the New
CAST AIP Console



As CAST continues to innovate and strive to make it easier for customers to consume and expand their Software Intelligence, we're excited to introduce the newly built AIP Console, a light weight Web Application that provides the services required to configure and run AIP analyses remotely, cutting down massively on manual configurations.

Listen to this webinar with CAST product experts to explore the new AIP Console and walk away with expanded knowledge for improved software intelligence.

  • Learn about the new automated features & identify limitations of the current version of AIP Console
  • Experience a demo of the complete analysis flow– From onboarding to launch of the dashboard
  • Preview the roadmap to find out what's to come

AIP Console - New


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John Chang

John Chang - VP of Worldwide Product Marketing, CAST

John Chang is a Software Intelligence evangelist leading worldwide product marketing at CAST. Prior to his current role, John spent three years at CAST’s front-line leading the technical sales team, enabling customers to leverage Software Intelligence to modernize software, reduce risk, and continuously improve the software supply chain. John began his career leading the development of business intelligence solutions for large companies such as CSX and Maersk Line. After completing his MBA at Rutgers University, he joined INTTRA in 2011 and then CAST in 2014.

Damien Charlemagne

Damien Charlemagne - Group Product Manager, CAST

Damien Charlemagne is working as Consultant and then Product Manager for more than 12 years in the Software Intelligence market to helps developers, technical leaders and C-Level executives understand complex architecture software design. He is passionate about the constant evolution of IT systems at big companies and the challenge of keeping stakeholders stay at the heart of the management of these technologies.