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Not knowing the current state of your application portfolio can add increased risks and cost to cloud migration efforts. With cloud project failure rates so high, how can you be sure "if" and "which" of your applications are cloud ready?

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how CAST Highlight can help you identify and prioritize candidate applications for migration

Keyva will show you how to take a prioritized list of applications from CAST Highlight and turn it into an actionable roadmap to deliver the application as a cloud-ready workload.

  • Learn how Keyva can help you take insights from CAST Highlight and:
    1. Understand the level of effort associated with the required application changes
    2. Understand how your application is connected to your infrastructure.
    3. Build a plan to migrate your application to the cloud and reconcile the underlying infrastructure
    4. Make go/no-go decisions based on the TCO required to move an app to the cloud


Thursday, Jun 20th at 2 PM ET
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Anuj TuliKeyva

Anuj Tuli - Chief Technology Officer | Keyva

In his current role at Keyva, Anuj helps organizations adopt Containers, implement CI/CD methodology, modernize their applications, and develop an automation framework which supports end-to-end application lifecycle - planning, development, testing, deployment, and operations.


Kevin FuretCAST Software

Kevin Furet - Senior Solutions Specialist, CAST

Kevin is a Senior Solutions Specialist at CAST, helping partners leverage Software Intelligence to build value-focused offerings for software modernization, application diagnostics and risk management programs. As a member of the Strategic Partnerships team, he helps Advisories and Consulting firms assess large IT organizations’ application landscapes and define actionable, future-proof strategies.