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Finding the truth about your customized SAP environment with Software Intelligence

On Demand Webinar


SAP environments have long been plagued with troubled implementations and lingering performance or usability issues. Yet, these systems support thousand if not hundreds of thousands of end users. At this scale, when performance or reliability issues happen, lot of attention and pain follows quickly.

To compound this challenge, most companies use third party vendors such as SAP partners and SAP consultants to manage the SAP deployment, customizations or maintenance - and the data shows that there’s a growing dissatisfaction in these relationships.

In this webinar, we will discuss

  1. Trends and challenges of SAP deployments, customizations and maintenance
    • 43% of organizations are not satisfied with SAP application performance
    • 74% of organization reported dissatisfaction with SAP vendors
    • 59% of organization with SAP reported that they need to be more agile
  2. Review case studies from peers to learn how:
    • A Global Pharmaceuticals firm improved its transaction time by 90%
    • An US Fiserv reduced its production defects by 50%
    • An EU Utility Company reduced its long-term SAP development costs by 10%
  3. How system level analysis can improve visibility into the complexity and technical debt

“CAST improved visibility into our SAP implementation and allowed us to steer our development efforts, by helping us make objective decisions based on facts.”Klaus Lutterschmidt, Chief Architect, Vienna Insurance GroupCAST improved visibility into our SAP implementation and allowed us to steer our development efforts



pete pizzutillo

Pete Pizzutillo is Vice President of Corporate Marketing at CAST. He is responsible for leading the integrated marketing strategies and CAST’s product marketing team whose mission is to help organizations understand how Software Intelligence supports this belief.



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